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24 April 2024

Cyber Claims Examples

14 February 2024

In addition to the market standard cyber insurance coverage essentials, the DUAL Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection...

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15 January 2024

We're pleased to announce an update to our risk appetite and underwriting capabilities for Cyber Insurance. 

17 December 2023

DUAL's cyber insurance not only offers broad form insurance cover for losses resulting from a cyber attack, but also...

14 September 2023

DUAL can provide ransomware coverage under our Cyber product, provided that the insured has Multi-factor authentication...

8 June 2023

DUAL is pleased to announce the appointment of Sam Rogers to the newly created role of Head of Cyber Insurance for...

11 May 2023
We wanted to let you know of an imminent change in the way Incident Management of DUAL Cyber & Privacy claims will...