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Title Insurance

Local experts, global network

Since 2013, DUAL Asset has been on a mission to shake things up in the world of asset and transactional insurance solutions. Insuring over £600bn worth of real estate, inheritance and share assets in over 52 countries, you can trust us to manage risk and help make your deals happen.

DUAL Asset’s success is built on creating and delivering the right products to the right people around the globe. That is not just something we like to say - our entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental to our approach. This runs through every part of our business and empowers our people to develop products, services and processes that consistently deliver the best for our clients and partners.

Solutions for complex legal challenges

Whether you are involved in the sale or purchase of commercial real estate or selling a company or trust, DUAL Asset can provide insurance solutions that help get the deal across the line. With cost effective insurance solutions to mitigate legal and ownership risks, you can accelerate your transactions with peace of mind for all involved.

DUAL Asset’s products protect against legal risks relating to ownership (“title”) and use of real estate and/or title to shares in companies, units in unit trusts (and comparable ownership interests).  The policies, broadly categorised, fall into two forms, being (i) a policy covering unknown issues that existed at the time of acquisition, but which were only discovered following completion and/or (ii) a policy covering identified issues that are known about prior to completion of the transaction and/or which were discovered during due diligence.

Our Products in APAC


Commercial Legal Indemnity & Title Insurance

For further information about Commercial Real Estate Title Insurance, click here. 


Mergers & Acquisition Insurance

For further information about our M&A Insurance solutions, click here.

APAC Capacity

DUAL Asset can write up to USD $150,000,000 for any single transaction/asset. Capacity is provided via AXA XL’s 2003 Syndicate at Lloyd’s.

APAC Risk Appetite

DUAL Asset has appetite for:

  • Real estate transactions involving commercial real estate located in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore; and
  • M&A transactions involving target companies and trusts across markets including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea

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