New Wording now LIVE

Our new Management Liability Wording is now available. Some of the Key coverage enhancements include:

  • Broadened Statutory Liability cover to include criminal penalties (where not prohibited by law)
  • Crime Investigation Costs extended to costs for establishing and proving Direct Financial Loss
  • NEW Panel Counsel Extension - 1 hour of free advice for each enquiry relating to the risks insured
  • Extended Continuous Cover – cover for late notified Claims, even if DUAL were not the Insurer
  • Triangulation Fraud Extension

DUAL's Appetite



Why has DUAL launched this product?

We have consistently received feedback from brokers that Management Liability is a key uninsured exposure for Sole Traders and Partnerships. In the past two years on the WebRater, over 2,000 Indications have been referred due to a client being a Sole Trader or Partnership – proof that these businesses have been crying out for some type of Management Liability cover!


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