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$10,000,000 - Section A Professional Indemnity

$20,000,000 - Section B Public and Products Liability

DUAL's Appetite

We have a broad underwriting appetite for Information Technology professionals, with most occupations able to be quoted. 

Selective Risks: - work relating to:

  • Aerospace/ radar/ navigation systems
  • Banking/ financial systems
  • Gaming industry
  • Medical/ surgical applications
  • Military/ defence systems
  • Oil/ gas/ power/ nuclear energy applications
  • Process control systems

Information Technology Insurance


DUAL Australia is a leading provider of Information Technology Liability insurance.

We offer our brokers and Insureds market leading cover, competitive pricing and simple transaction either through the WebRater for turnover less than $7M, or tailored solutions from our dedicated Underwriting team. To find your local Underwriter click here.

DUAL's Coverage

Our new Information Technology Liability policy includes an extensive list of enhancements including Extended Continuous Cover, Contractual Liability, Key Man Loss, and Product Recall Expenses. 

Our policies automatically include our Contract Review Service which provides important advice to the insured to ensure their liabilities and exposures are adequately covered by the policy.


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