Accident and Health Claims

DUAL’s Accident and Health claims are handled by specialist third party claims handlers with significant industry experience. Our claims handlers specialise in different products and work directly with DUAL to ensure all claims are handled in an expert manner.

Our Third Party Claims Handlers include:

  • Fullerton Health Corporate Services for all general non sport Accident and Health including unique and specific clients
  • Cunningham Lindsey for our Sports Accident and Health Claims

Financial Lines Claims

DUAL Australia has an in-house Financial Lines claim team who are dedicated to handling your financial lines claims. Our team comprises of legally qualified claims handlers with significant legal and industry experience, who will work with you to handle your claim from notification through to resolution.

We also work in tandem with our capacity providers to ensure an efficient and smooth claims handling process. In addition, DUAL utilises specialist law firms and consultants with specific expertise in various industries and niche areas such as Employment Practices Liability, Statutory Liability and Crime, to ensure our Insured's get the best possible outcomes.

Marine Claims

DUAL Australia manage all Marine claims in-house utilising our team of industry experienced and legally qualified claims handlers who will work with you in relation to your claim from notification through to resolution.

We engage specialist and suitably qualified marine surveyors to ensure an efficient and smooth claims handling process. Where appropriate, we appoint qualified marine average adjusters to assist you in adjusting and presenting your claim.

Cyber Liability Claims

DUAL Australia has partnered with Charles Taylor to manage all cyber incidents from initial notification through to resolution. We work with a dedicated breach response team which includes specialist Lawyers, IT Forensic Investigators, Forensic Accountants and Consultants, who all have significant experience to ensure the best outcome for the Insured.

The DUAL webinar conducted on the 25.10.17 provided a great insight into the DUAL claims process for all lines, it was great to get some important information on the lodgement process and to get an appreciation on DUAL’s mindset to accept claims and the steps DUAL do take in excluding claims that are not covered on the policy. Matt and James provided great detail into the team at DUAL and I appreciate the time they took in answering queries.  In addition to the webinar we would like to advise that we have received great claims service this year particularly with notifications lodged under financial lines sector.
Jeremy Woolman, Claims Executive
Tressider Inusrance Brokers
DUAL continue to differentiate themselves by providing a market leading claims service. The combination of quality legal representation in using lawyers that understand the role of a broker and trust in the ability of the broker to assist in "influencing" clients to understand commercial realities, this is key to achieving the best outcomes. Our Insurance broking firm often recommends DUAL predominantly because of claims service.
Eddy Pope, Divisional Manager
Willis CKA

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