Introducing our NEW Liability Wordings!

We are pleased to share some exciting news with you as we begin 2024 with DUAL launching two new and enhanced Liability Wordings. 


The following wordings are now available for new business and renewals: 

Broadform General and Products Liability Wording

an enhanced wording available for General Liability policyholders via the WebRater that provides cover for legal liability arising from third party personal injury, property damage and advertising liability claims, and; 

Resource Liability Wording

a new tailored industry specific mining and resource liability wording available for our resource contractors and exploration policyholders (previously known as RILF). 


General and Products Liability Profile

Resource Liability Profile

Enhancements to the NEW Wording includes:

  • Broad Definitions of insured, personal injury and property damage. 
  • New Defence Costs and Supplementary Payments Insuring Clause. 
  • Claims Preparation Costs - $25,000 sub-limit for professional fees and other such expenses. 
  • Property in Care, Custody and Control - $250,000 sub-limit. 
  • Worldwide Territorial Limit (other than North America). 

Please contact our Liability underwriting team, or visit the website HERE for further information. 


Stay tuned for more updates!


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