CEO Mental Health Chat


October is the designated month for raising awareness about mental health. 


It serves as a reminder for each and every one of us to prioritise our mental well-being, regardless of whether we have personal experience with mental illness or not.

In an effort to promote open conversations about mental health within our industry, Robert Kelly, CEO of Steadfastengaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Damien Coates CEO of DUAL ANZ, together they explored various aspects of mental health and shed light on the fact that even CEOs are not immune to its impact. 


Robert Kelly

(CEO of Steadfast)

Damien Coates



As well as the evolving landscape of mental health awareness and the unwavering support of DUAL & Steadfast for the Black Dog Institute.

Black dog institute logoAs Australia's leading medical research institute dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of mental health throughout every stage of life, the Black Dog Institute is at the forefront of ground-breaking research studies, empowering education programs, innovative digital tools and apps, essential clinical services, and invaluable public resources. Together, they strive to unearth new solutions, forge meaningful connections, and ignite real-world change.

Take a look at the CEO Mental Health Chat Video Series with Robert and Damien as they offer insights into this critical discussion: 







If you need mental health support, contact your company's Employee Assistance Provider, or click here for the Black Dog Institute Online Clinic.


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