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Capacity Up to $5,000,000



DUAL's Appetite

DUAL's Cyber Suite encompasses a broad underwriting appetite being able to be quoted either through the WebRater under our Cyber Gold and Cyber Platinum offerings for businesses with up to $50,000,000 turnover, or via our branch Underwriters for business in excess of this threshold.

*Selected industries are excluded from the WebRater and will require manual underwriting through the branch. 

To review our product offerings in more detail please click here for Cyber Gold or here for Cyber Platinum.  

Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection Insurance



Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection insurance is designed to address the
exposures Insureds face when using the internet, email, websites, computer
programs and in particular from storing private information about their clients.

DUAL's Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection policy provides the following key elements of cover:

  1. Third Party Claims: From failure to keep data secure, including claims for compensation, investigations, payment of fines and penalties. We will also pay defence costs and legal representation expenses.
  2. Business Interruption: Reimbursement for lost profits, as well as necessary expenses incurred to maintain operation of the business as a result of the interruption.
  3. Remediation Costs: Reimbursement of the Insureds own costs including credit monitoring, cyber extortion, data restoration, forensic, notification and public relations costs, and legal representation expenses.
  4. Social Engineering, Phishing & Cyber Fraud: Cover for Direct Financial Loss and/or Loss which the Insured is legally liable to pay due to: Social Engineering, Phishing, Phreaking, Cyber Fraud, Business Interruption, Contingent Business Interruption.


Please contact your local Underwriter for more information on our Cyber Offerings. 



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