'How to deal with DUAL' Webinar Series Oct 17


Launching in 2010, the DUAL WebRater system has transacted over 225,000 New Business Indications and 130,000 Renewal indications across 9 products. With so much growth and change across the business we thought it was time to remind our Brokers who we are and how to deal with us. 

DUAL will be running a 'How to deal with DUAL' Webinar series which will cover our most frequently asked questions such as how to use the WebRater, who is your best contact and how to obtain important marketing documents for your clients such as claim scenarios and product profiles.

In this session we will be covering:

  • Who is DUAL?
  • What is the WebRater and how to use it (demonstration)
  • How to obtain a WebRater login
  • Key contacts at DUAL (Underwriting and Claims)
  • Where to find key information on our website

To access the webinar you will require a password. Please email and we will provide it for you. 


There will be CIP/CPD Points provided to all attendees who remain active for the duration of the session.

Tune into the webinar to obtain claims scenarios, product profiles and sales tools, otherwise contact your local DUAL Underwriter for more information.

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