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In case you missed it, we recently launched a new product offering called Management Liability Sole Traders &...

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We love hosting webinars and are very proud to have hosted over  12,000 webinar attendees in the last 12 months. 
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As a pioneer in the Management Liability insurance market, at DUAL we’ve handled approximately 5,000 claims and...

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DUAL have recently launched a market first offering – Management Liability for Sole Traders and Partnerships with...

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Current estimates show that cyber crime is costing the Australian economy more than $1 billion annually.

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60% of Cyber Attacks in Australia are aimed at SMEs.

Learn the three key elements of cover of a Cyber Policy.

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We recently launched our latest offering - Cyber Gold . This new Cyber offering has been designed specifically...
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Since opening in 2004, DUAL have handled over 28,000 claims and circumstances and paid over $320 million in claims...

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Launching in 2010, the DUAL WebRater system has transacted over 225,000 New Business Indications and 130,000 Renewal...

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As part of our commitment to giving you more education and helping you address uninsured exposures with clients,...

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As a key supporter of DUAL's Cyber offering and a leader in generating Cyber quotes through the DUAL WebRater, you...

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DUAL Australia presented a new webinar on Accident & Health in March, offering you more education and training on...

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